What We Do

Original and Unique Paintings From Your Photos

What We Do
We create a truly unique and original work of art – a painting – from your photo.

How We Do It
We use a digital painting program – a program that was created for traditional canvas artists to create works of art from scratch exactly as they would do using a blank canvas and brush.

We start with your photographs and hand-paint them to create new, original paintings. Art as unique as an original painting on canvas.

What We Don’t Do
Other photo painting services create paintings from photos automatically.  They use a program such as Photoshop, press a button, and a painting is automatically created.

Why We Do That
We hand-create (manually “brush”) your photo to a painting.  Much like a traditional painting on canvas, the result is a unique and original work of digital art – a painting – that can never be exactly duplicated again; even by us.

What We Paint
Any photograph – from a smart phone, a pocket camera, a professional camera, anything.  And yes, even from a print.

We can paint anything – pictures of people, landscapes, pets, a house, cars – anything.  If it’s a picture, we can create a painting from it.

Want to see samples of our work?  Click the “Blog Articles” link above.